Multi-Generation Co-Owners

Co-Buy with Family

Multi-generational home buying is a great way for families to care for one another, support one another, and buy a home that may otherwise be out of reach.

Co-Buy with Siblings

Co-Buy with Brothers or Sisters

Siblings make great co-owners. However; even siblings need a written agreement.

Co-Buy with Friends

Co-Buy with Friends

Friends or like-minded buyers who want to combine their resources to be more competitive.

Co-Buy a Vacation or Investment Property

Co-Buy a second home

Share a second home in an area you frequently visit. For example, it could be near a ski resort, a beach area, or an urban center.

Co-Buy as Single Parents

Co-Buy with other single parents.

There are single parents who wish to co-own and share a home with another single parent in order to gain access to specific schools and communities.

Co-buy with a Significant Other

Co-buy with a love interest (and include a contract)

We celebrate love! However, buying a home should come with a third-party 

Co-Buy to House Hacker

Co-Buy and Rent out Rooms

Co-buyers who wish to buy jointly for the purpose of house hacking (renting out rooms) or simply as an investment