19 Oct

Author: Karyn Winrich 

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Whether you're relocating for a job or seeking a quieter pace of life, adjusting from a big city to a small town can be a dramatic change. You might find life to be slower and more intimate, and you may encounter some very different challenges. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you move and settle in, courtesy of Buy Junto

Finding Accommodations

 Depending on your situation, you might have to make the decision between renting or purchasing your house. Purchasing property can be a great investment, especially if it's a long-standing dream. Still, it is a big commitment, and renting might be more favorable for your finances. Use online filters to find an affordable property with the amenities you require. Some listings offer virtual tours so you won’t have to visit every property you’re interested in. You may also want to get familiar with the town's different areas before deciding where to live. If you have family or friends living in the area, consider making arrangements to stay with them when you first arrive, giving you the opportunity to explore your housing options further. 

Making New Friends

While a smaller, tight-knit community gives you more opportunity to get integrated into social circles, there could be a less diverse choice of friends compared to a big city. Keep an open mind and smile, and don't be afraid to initiate conversations with the locals. Attending community events and participating in volunteering opportunities are great ways to meet new people, and they may also help you with recommendations and tips to help you get settled into your new life. 

Adjust Your Spending Habits

 Do some research into the cost of living in your new area. You could be dealing with a change in income along with price differences for things such as groceries, rent, and entertainment. Although small towns often have a lower cost of living than larger cities, you may have to find less-costly alternatives for some products or services. Apply careful consideration, and monitor your spending early on in your move to make sure you're in a healthy financial position. 

Get Into the Entrepreneurial Spirit

 Smaller towns still have opportunities for new businesses, making them a great place to realize your entrepreneurial dreams. Starting a new business is a great way to connect with the local community and contribute to the local economy. Start off by doing your due diligence, such as conducting market research, learning about potential competitors, and choosing a business structure. A limited liability company is relatively easy to set up if you want to avoid lawyer fees, and you can even use a formation service to assist. LLCs limit your personal liability, give you the flexibility for independent management and offer favorable tax options. Make sure you're familiar with LLC guidelines, as the process could differ from other states. 

Go Back to School

 If you want to take even greater advantage of this period of change, why not go back to school? If you have a passion for teaching and helping others, pursuing a bachelor of science in education could open lots of doors for your future. Also, if you choose to take advantage of the flexibility of online learning programs, you can proceed at your own pace, without having to step away from your other obligations to accommodate a needlessly rigorous schedule. 

No Place Like Home

 It shouldn't be too difficult to get adjusted to living in a beautiful town, and you're sure to find plenty of friendly locals and support along the way. When you’re ready to move, contact Buy Junto to save money on your next real estate purchase! Call 623-224-0842.

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