4 Easy Steps To a Co-Ownership

Co-own real estate through a trusted process with a nationwide network of experts. We have an extensive nationwide network of more than 25,000 skilled agents, lenders, and legal experts for the ever-important legal agreements that spell out how you hold title, equity sharing, and exit strategies!  

Step 1: Register for free

Join for free, and we will provide you with the next steps. Remember that building your future and equity takes some time, but you are now on your way!  Join Free. 

Step 2: Real estate agent

Not all agents are created equal. Our vetted agent partners have an advanced understanding of the co-buying process and will assist you at every step. 

We will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your network agent to work with, and if you are not a good match for your initial agent, we will match you with another option.    Join Free.   

Step 3: Lender 

You, as a buyer, are free to work with the lender of your choice. However, when you work with a lender from our network you will be working with a co-ownership expert.
Our lending partners are familiar with co-buying or co-ownership, which makes the process easier for you.

Also, please note, we recommend more than four buyers per transaction. Are you ready to start the conversation? Next, click the "join free" link to complete the free registration. Join Free. 

Step 4: Co-Ownership Agreements 

We want you and your co-buyer to be ready for life's unexpected events. 

All of our co-owner clients will have access to co-owner legal agreements. 

These agreements are what make the difference between co-buying on your own and co-buying within a process. 

We help you map out your co-buy terms and prepare for income loss, early sale, and other situations that will impact your purchase. 

The agreement includes critical provisions based upon your specific transaction, property type, and equity sharing plan. Join free