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4 Easy Steps To a Co-Ownership

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Multi-Generation Co-Owners

Co-Buy with Family

Multi-generational home buying is a great way for families to care for one another, support one another, and buy a home that may otherwise be out of reach.

Co-Buy with Siblings

Co-Buy with Brothers or Sisters

Siblings make great co-owners. However; even siblings need a written agreement.

Co-Buy with Friends

Co-Buy with Friends

Friends or like-minded buyers who want to combine their resources to be more competitive.

Co-Buy a Vacation or Investment Property

Co-Buy a second home

Share a second home in an area you frequently visit. For example, it could be near a ski resort, a beach area, or an urban center.

Co-Buy as Single Parents

Co-Buy with other single parents.

There are single parents who wish to co-own and share a home with another single parent in order to gain access to specific schools and communities.

Co-buy with a Significant Other

Co-buy with a love interest (and include a contract)

We celebrate love! However, buying a home should come with a third-party 

Co-Buy to House Hacker

Co-Buy and Rent out Rooms

Co-buyers who wish to buy jointly for the purpose of house hacking (renting out rooms) or simply as an investment

THE BUY JUNTO NETWORK provides a process for those who want to co-own property, with resources including legal agreements, a national network of lenders and agents to help guide the process, equity sharing, exit strategies, and much more.

Save money, earn equity, buy junto

Network access to:

  • Experienced co-owner real estate agents
  • Lender options to help you through the process
  • Buy Junto Advocate to make sure you are treated right.
  • I need a legal referral to prepare your co-buyer agreement.
  • Background checks for co-buyers (fee-associated)
  • Legal advisory services for more complex agreements such as trusts, LLC's, etc. (referral to real estate attorneys recommended per state). 
  • Exclusive discounts for a variety of products and services

You can join the community for free by simply completing the registration process and developing a profile. We encourage you to bring your own partner and allow us to provide the process to protect your mutual interests.

As we add more investor members, we will offer the option of working with a verified network member. However, with your current partner, we highly recommend you utilize our background check and complete a co-buyer agreement, which has very valuable language to help protect your interest.

Our free co-buyer resources provide support for our co-buyers. A real estate attorney will develop your co-buyer agreement, including provisions to help plan for events such as job loss, an early sale, and much more.

Buying real estate is a serious investment, and we want to guide you through the process with all the right tools to help you protect your investment.

Your partnership's length is up to you. You and your partner(s) can agree to whatever time period works best for your partnership goals.

Buying investment property, renting it out, or flipping the property can be difficult for one buyer, but two or four motivated and vetted members reduce the risk and investment. Our real estate agents can guide you through the process.
Absolutely! We encourage families, friends, and acquaintances to join together to participate in the co-buying process.

We understand it can be awkward to ask people you know to undergo important background checks and sign legal agreements, but since it is part of the process, the ask is much easier. We got you.

And as for exit strategies, we are here to help prepare you for potential challenges during your co-ownership.
We encourage your support and welcome your ideas. We also welcome your shares on social media!

We will be happy to provide you with logos, key messaging, and materials for your use.

Contact:, 623-224-0842

Save Money, Earn Equity, Buy Junto


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Save Money, Earn Equity, Buy Junto

  • United States
  • 8774 Yates Drive, Suite 100 | Westminster, CO 80031

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How We Give Back

How We Give Back

The next generation of America's leaders will come from all walks of life, including America's homeless. Join us in giving to America's homeless children. We will donate to the markets where we have transactions so we can keep your investment going back to our members' communities.

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Areas of Giving

Areas of Giving

According to the National Center on Family Homelessness, one in 30 American children experiences homelessness. That is about 2.5 million kids, and just over half are younger than six years old.

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