Want to buy a house for half the price?

Co-own real estate, house hack, buy with friends,
family or others to extend your resources!

Many co-ownership scenarios exist:

  • Multi-generational purchases are on the rise! Because it works. 

  • Parents and grandparents co-owning with children and grandchildren.

  • Siblings who want to buy to live together or as rental property

  • Friends or like-minded buyers who want to combine their resources to be more competitive.

  • Divorced parents who want to co-buy a small condo near the grandchildren. 

  • Single parents looking to share a home with similar parents to access certain communities

  • A couple who are not married but want to co-own together 

  • Investors who want to purchase together to house hack or just as an investment.

  • Single people who want to co-buy and co-own because they are tired of renting.

Save Money, Earn Equity, Buy Junto

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Your Weekly Podcast About How We Make Life More Affordable!


Your Weekly Podcast About How We Make Life  More Affordable!
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Save Money, Earn Equity, Buy Junto

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Thank you for reaching out to us. Someone will respond as soon as possible. If you need immediate assistance, please feel free to phone us directly at 623-224-0842. To schedule a free consultation select the Free Consult button on the home page.


Save money, earn equity, buy junto

Network Access to :

  • Experienced Co-Owner Real Estate Agents
  • Lender options to help you through the process
  • Buy Junto Advocate to make sure your treated right
  • Legal referral to prepare your co-buyer agreement 
  • Background checks for co-buyers (fee associated)
  • Legal advisory services for more complex agreements such as Trusts, LLC's etc. (Referral to real estate attorneys recommended per state). 
  • Exclusive discounts for a variety of products and services

You can join the community for free by simply completing the registration process and developing a profile. We encourage you to bring your own partner and allow us to provide the process to protect your mutual interest.  As we add more investor members we will provide the option of working with a verified member of the network. However, with your current partner, we highly recommend you utilize our background check and complete a co-buyer agreement, which has very valuable language to help protect your interest. 
Our free co-buyer resources provide support for our co-buyers. Your co-buyer agreement will be developed by a real estate attorney, and will include provisions to help plan for events such as job loss, an early sale, and much more. Buying real estate is a serious investment and we want to guide you through the process with all the right tools to help you protect your investment. 
The length of your partnership is up to you. You and your partner/s can agree to whatever time period works best for your partnership goals. 
Buying investment property and renting it out or flipping the property can be difficult for one buyer, but two or four motivated and vetted members reduce the risk and investment.  Our real estate agents can guide you through the process. 
Absolutely! We encourage families, friends and acquaintances to join together to participate in the co-buying process.  We understand it can be awkward to ask people you know to undergo important background checks and sign legal agreements but since it is part of the process, the ask is much easier. We got you. And as for exit strategies,  we are here to help prepare you for potential challenges during your co-ownership.
We encourage your support and welcome your ideas.  We also welcome your shares, on your social media!

We will be happy to provide you with logos, key messaging and materials for your use.

Contact: leenabellamayo@gmail.com , 623-224-0842

What Needs To Be Included In A Contract For A Co-Buyer Agreement? 

What Needs To Be Included In a Contract For a Co-Buyer Agreement? 

Source: This content is provided courtesy of  Legalty. Note, Buy Junto and Legalty are separate businesses. 

When you imagined yourself buying a home, did you think you would do it the most common way – on your own, or getting married and purchasing it with your spouse? 

If you have something entirely different in mind and plan on buying a house with a sibling, your parents, extended family or a group of your friends, you’re joining a rapidly growing group willing to embark on a significant financial obligation that involves sharing the financial and maintenance responsibilities of owning a home. 

If this is something that you’re considering, an attorney can help guide you through all the elements that a co-owner agreement for a property includes. 

There’s no doubt that purchasing a home with multiple buyers makes the process much more affordable for each of the parties involved. But there is more to consider when buying a property than the financial aspects, and an experienced attorney can walk you through the most concerning aspects. 

Here are just a few: Taking title in the deed – When you purchase a home, you need to know how the title is to be prepared. Deeds describe who the owners of a property are, what the property is, how much it was sold for and whether there are any warranties or special conditions involved in the purchase. 

Married couples are the only type of buyers who are able to take title as a tenant by the entirety. For all other co-buyers, the only options are being tenants in common (which can have unequal shares) or joint tenants with rights of survivorship (in which co-owners have an equal interest and if one dies, the ownership gets split equally between all other surviving co-owners). 

It’s important to know that tenants in common can have unequal shares and each have their own legal title, which means that each owner is also able to dissolve the tenancy in common and sell their share. Responsibilities – Multiple owners may each have differing levels of interest in a property’s maintenance or level of responsibility to one another. 

A co-buyer agreement should include specific language regarding mortgage, tax and insurance payments, property maintenance expenses, and the process of pursuing potential sales. There is no doubt that becoming a co-buyer has many potential advantages, but that does not mean that you should rush into it without the guidance of an experienced attorney.

Once you meet with one of our real estate brokers and determine your co-buy plan, then working with the lender to get pre-qualified would be next.  After the lending process is complete,  we would connect you to the a recommended legal co-buyer preferred attorney, although you are free to choose an attorney of your own,  who can help you develop your co-buyer agreement.  

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BuyJunto (Junto means together in Spanish)

The affordability factor:
The cost of housing has increased by 48% since 2011 and income by only 15%, which is making home ownership increasingly difficult. According to the Anytime Estimate, home prices have increased 1,608% since 1970, while inflation has increased 644%.

The BuyJunto advantage:

The BuyJunto platform is designed to help people buy real estate together within a system that prepares co-buyers for potential challenges. And makes homeownership easier and more affordable.

People buying homes together is not a new concept, however, how they buy has changed in our new sharing economy, and being prepared for possible challenges is very important, which is exactly what BuyJunto provides.

Co-ownership legal agreements:
Our process and network create a unique environment to help co-buyers with legal co-owner agreements (a reasonable fee is charged), provided by our network legal experts who are very helpful and experienced.

Lender options: 
Of course you are free to choose a lender who you believe meets your needs and we support your choice, however, finding a lender who is experienced, welcoming to co-ownership sis key and our nationwide lender network will work to earn your business.

Timing is everything:
Like many other sharing economy resources such as Airbnb, Uber, and more, co-buying real estate has seen a 700% increase and is only getting started.

The BuyJunto business is located in Colorado, but the network of resources is nationwide.

The agent and broker network:
As an associate broker with HomeSmart, the BuyJunto Founder, Leena Bella Mayo, has access to an agent network that spans 49 states and includes 25,000 agents across over 200 offices.

Buy Junto and Home Smart are separate companies.

Extending your resources:
Saving money while still being able to live in the communities that are most desirable, and doing so with half or a fourth of the cost is what makes our process a thriving business.

Safeguard your co-ownership purchase:

Using BuyJunto gives you confidence that you are covering all the bases needed for a successful co-ownership.

Save money, earn equity, buyjunto!
Co-owning property lowers your costs, expands affordability, and frees up resources for travel, entertainment, and whatever else matters most to each buyer.

What to learn more? Register for free and gain access to member-specific free resources and invitations to upcoming events.

Save Money, Earn Equity, Buy Junto


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