THE BUY JUNTO NETWORK provides a process for those who want to co-own property, with resources including legal agreements, a national network of lenders and agents to help guide the process, equity sharing, exit strategies, and much more. The affordability factor: The cost of housing has increased by 48% since 2011, and income has only increased by 15%, making home ownership increasingly difficult. According to the Anytime Estimate, home prices have increased 1,608% since 1970, while inflation has increased 644%. The Buy Junto Advantage: The Buy Junto platform facilitates joint real estate purchases by preparing co-buyers for potential obstacles. It also makes homeownership easier and more affordable. While the idea of people buying homes together is not new, the way they do so has changed in our new sharing economy. Being ready for potential challenges is crucial, and BuyJunto offers just that. Co-ownership legal agreements: Our network of legal experts, who are very helpful and experienced, creates a unique environment to assist co-buyers with legal co-owner agreements (for a reasonable fee). Lender options: Of course, you are free to choose a lender who you believe meets your needs, and we support your choice; however, finding a lender who is experienced and welcoming to co-ownership is key, and our nationwide lender network will work to earn your business. Timing is everything. Like many other sharing economy resources such as Airbnb, Uber, and more, co-buying real estate has seen a 700% increase and is only getting started. The BuyJunto business is located in Colorado, but the network of resources is nationwide. The agent and broker network: BuyJunto 's founder is an agent with HomeSmart, and therefore has access to an agent network that spans 49 states and includes 27,000 agents across over 200 offices. BuyJunto and Home Smart are separate companies.