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You can join the community for free by simply completing the registration process and developing a profile. We encourage you to bring your own partner and allow us to provide the process to protect your mutual interest.  As we add more investor members we will provide the option of working with a verified member of the network. However, with your current partner, we highly recommend you utilize our background check and complete the co-buyer equity agreement, which has very valuable language to help protect your interest. 
Our free co-buyer resources provide support for our co-buyers. Our agreements have been developed as templates by a real estate attorney and include provisions to help plan for events such as job loss, early sales, and much more. Buying real estate is a serious investment and we want to guide you thorough the process with all the right tools to help you protect your investment. Please note that we do recommend that your final agreement be reviewed by your own attorney or we can provide you with a review from our own lawyer for a nominal fee.. 

Network Access to :

  • Experienced Co-Buyer Real Estate Agents
  • Lender options to help you through the process
  • Buy Junto Advocate to make sure your treated right
  • Equity Sharing agreeement to help with legal oblications
  • Background checks for co-buyers (fee associated)
  • Legal advisory services (for more complex agreements such as trusts, LLC's etc.)
  • Exclusive discounts for a variety of products and services

Buying investment property and renting it out or flipping the property can be difficult for one buyer, but two motivated and vetted members reduce the risk and investment.  Our real estate agents can guide you through the process. 
Absolutely! We encourage families, friends and acquaintances to join together to participate in the co-buying process.  We understand it can be awkward to ask people you know to undergo important background and sign legal agreements for exit strategies, so we are here to help make that process smoother and prepare you for potential challenges during your co-ownership.
The length of your partnership is up to you. You and your partner can agree to whatever time period works best for your partnership goals. 
We encourage your support and welcome your ideas.  We also welcome your shares, likes and subscribes with our social media!

We will be happy to provide you with logos, key messaging and materials for your use.